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  Common concerns  

At Perth Children's Occupational Therapy, we understand that all children are unique. We offer understanding, support, and effective intervention to children with a range of difficulties, including but not limited to the following:

Muscle strength

Image by Ben White

Including strength in the core muscles, which affect gross motor skills and the ability to sit still/upright; upper body strength; and hand strength, which can contribute to difficulties with holding a pencil and handwriting.

Sensory processing

AUDITORY PROCESSING is different from he

Integrating information received through the senses in a meaningful way, which may be exhibited through attention, behaviour, movement, arousal, anxiety and/or sensitivity to everyday input.

Visual perceptual skills

Child Doing Art Activity

Making sense of what is seen, for example, discriminating between different or similar shapes and forms, which is important for tasks such as reading, writing, completing puzzles, cutting, drawing and math problems.


Self-care skills

Ability to participate in everyday skills such as sleeping, feeding yourself, dressing yourself, bathing and going to the toilet.


Gross motor skills

Using whole body movements to achieve tasks such as running, jumping, hopping, climbing and skipping.



Including difficulties with letter formations, placement in lines/dotted thirds, spacing and sizing of writing.

My first ever post, and Anna still loves

Fine motor skills

Coordinating the hands and fingers to achieve tasks such as manipulating small items, holding a spoon, donning buttons, holding a pencil, writing and cutting.


Regulation skills

Ability to maintain a functional level of alertness in order to respond appropriately to any given environment, including attention and emotions.

You can’t force a child to do what you w

Executive functioning

Includes task initiation, impulse control, working memory, flexibility, planning, organisation, time management, goal-directed persistence and metacognition skills.

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