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  • Sarina Shirazee

Core Strength

Does this posture look familiar? The culprit could be decreased CORE STRENGTH. Kids who frequently sit at a table with their head down or their head propped up with their hand may be having trouble engaging the postural muscles needed to sit upright independently. ⠀

In order to help with this, unfortunately it’s not as simple as telling them to sit up straight - if they could, they would! We need to build up their muscle strength first.⠀

Here are some fun and simple core strengthening activities for kids:⠀

• Animal walks⠀

• Yoga⠀

• Climbing⠀

• Swimming⠀

• Monkey bars⠀

• Knee walking⠀

• Wheelbarrow walking⠀

• Superman position⠀

• Commando crawling⠀

• Log rolling⠀

• Tug-o-war⠀

• Twister⠀

• Balance boards⠀

• Wobble cushions⠀

• Scooters⠀

• Swings⠀

• Playgrounds⠀

• Scooterboards⠀

• Trampoline jumping⠀

• Bike riding⠀

• Hula hooping⠀

• Dancing⠀

• Fit ball exercises⠀

• Sit ups and push ups⠀

• Activities lying on your stomach (tummy time is beneficial at all ages!)⠀

• Walking hands out into plank position to collect items and walking hands back again, keeping feet in place⠀

• Lying on your back and walking a ball up the wall using your feet⠀

• Lying on your back and picking up beanbags with your feet, dropping them above your head⠀


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