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  • Sarina Shirazee

Every day fine motor activities

Following on from my last post about fine motor skills and activities you can do with your child to promote them, here are some ways you can work on fine motor skills through everyday routines (or ways you are already working on them!) ⠀

These activities are great for hand strength too.⠀

The ages are guidelines. It may be helpful to look at all of the activities and gauge what you think your child can do (it’s usually more than you realise!) ⠀

6 YEARS +⠀

• Peg out clothes and fold the washing once dry. ⠀

• Open car doors and do own seatbelt.⠀

• Help write the shopping list.⠀

• Cut fruit or vegetables. Start with easier to cut foods such as bananas and build up to harder foods such as carrots.⠀

• Make own snack such as toast and a drink – open jars or drinks, use a knife for spreading and cutting.⠀

• Use a knife and fork to cut up food at mealtimes. Start with easier to cut foods such as potatoes or sausages and gradually build up to harder foods such as a steak.⠀

• Help assemble or fix items using nuts and bolts, spanners, screwdrivers.⠀

4-5 YEARS +⠀

• Have a go at zips and buttons. ⠀

• Peel an orange or mandarin.⠀

• Open yoghurt containers or biscuit/cracker packets.⠀

• Turn keys to open the front door.⠀

3 YEARS +⠀

• Use kitchen tongs to pick up pieces of food. ⠀

• Squeeze toothpaste onto a toothbrush and brush teeth. ⠀

• Brush own hair.⠀

• Use a spray bottle to clean surfaces or water plants. ⠀

• Squeeze juice from an orange or lemon.⠀

• Help peg out clothes. ⠀

• Help wash the car – use a trigger hose and squeeze out the sponge or cloth.⠀

• Hammering and tinkering.⠀

2 YEARS +⠀

• Squeeze water out of a face washer or sponge when bathing.⠀

• Turn taps on and off (depending on difficulty of the taps). ⠀

• Pour water into a cup.⠀

• Encourage picking up food like blueberries and sultanas with the thumb and index finger.⠀

• Help cook/bake – mix, sift, knead, use a rolling pin, cutters, sprinkle toppings.⠀

• Help with gardening – dig, plant seeds, sprinkle plant food.⠀

• Turn pages of books before bedtime.


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